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Welcome to S60 Certificate Key

UPDATE: Our code is broken. Back in 2009 this site was coded in PHP4. Due to security risks the server has been upgraded to PHP5 though sadly there is over 10,000 lines of code that is now not working. We need funding to continue this project for free though as Symbian is dying out, we're not sure if this is the end for us? Old certs and keys can still be accessed from your account.

We offer a free service for you to create your own personal Certificate and Key, which can then be used to sign your own applications and games on your Symbian S60 3rd and 5th Edition Mobile phone.

We do require you to signup with our website, this is mainly to prevent spam but more importantly for processing your request of a personal Certificate and Key. Once ready we will send you an automated email informing you that your Cert and Key is ready for you to download.

Before we can provide you with your personal Certificate and Key it first needs to be generated and this process can unfortunately take around 12-24 hours.

To get started you can signup for your free account here.

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